PARA.Lympians (PARA.Olimpijczycy) - is the acronym of words Olympian/Paralympian and „pair" (in Polish „para”) as a couple - means photographed together. A series of photographs illustrates Polish athletes, world champions, both olympians and paralympians. On each picture a pair of an olympian and paralympian from the same discipline is being shown together. The aim is to show that there are no differences between „normal” and disabled people and that both can be successful, attractive, and both equally deserve attention and national pride. PARA.Lympian project was made in context of Rio 2016 Olympic Games to promote Polish paralympians in our country, as they are constantly being underrated and underrepresented by Polish media.

April, 2015
In year 2016 the calendar was done based on mentioned photos as well as the whole project were spread among the country as a  social campaign.
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